Our Work

We have a wide range of talents to help you achieve the lawn or garden of your dreams
using quieter, non-toxic methods, which is especially important if you have children,
pets, or neighbours.

elevated beds

Elevated beds add lofty elegance to the garden. They create gardening space in places where the ground soil isn’t viable for growing food. The elevation makes gardening easier & less back-breaking = more fun!




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Helen's rock wall

This was a multi-year project for a client who started with a sloping green lawn in her yard. We installed the stonework to create 2 levels, brought in organic soil from Artisan Landscaping, and moved a heck of a lot of plants around in the space…with magical results!


Allison & Owen's by after 2

This is a retaining wall and plant installation we created for clients looking to screen their backyard patio from the laneway behind. What was once a one-level patio now features some lovely green laurels and a lemon cypress to the right.




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