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pickled beans

Canning beans

Well, the harvest season is sliding into high gear and the beans are ready.  Our next door neighbours were farmers in China and grow food like nobody’s business in their humble garden space.  They share some of their bounty with us in exchange for using most of our […]

The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook

Reading a great book that expands on the essence of my organic gardening education. Highly recommended!  It addresses soil health over often toxic pest and disease management.  The good ol’ organic approach.  Also how to get rid of your weeds by addressing the root causes (pardon the pun) […]

Elevated Garden Beds

Most people have heard of raised garden beds, but may not have considered the possibilities of elevated beds. We built these spruce beds to address a possible soil contamination problem. An old car was parked over this part of the would-be garden and we had concerns about whether […]

Helen’s New Garden

This is my latest project. Helen’s new garden rides a slope that we’ll be terracing next year. For now, she’s more than pleased with the new installation. We were able to convert a boring rectangular plot of lawn into something magical with the help of gorgeous cedar veggie […]